The Soul-Link Story

Soul-Link had its beginning in 2001 when, at the end of the course "Meaning in the Madness," the students wanted to continue meeting. After doing so weekly for the next five years, it was decided to form a non-profit corporation that would address the needs of the "spiritually homeless and hungry" in Colorado Springs.

From this humble beginning - we numbered about ten people - Soul Link has grown to a mailing list of over four hundred individuals from a cross-section of religious/spiritual traditions. This "loose affiliation of misfits" has been a source of support and challenge for those who take being in touch with their souls seriously.

Pulizer Prize winning author, Annie Dillard, in her book For the Time Being describes what being a spiritual seeker is about:

"Spiritual path" is the hilarious popular term for those night-blind mesas and flayed hills in which people grope, for decades on end, with the goal of knowing the absolute. They discover others spread under the stars and encamped here and there by watch fires, in groups or alone, in the open landscape: they stop for a sleep, or for several years, and move along without knowing toward what or why. They leave whatever they find, picking up each stone, carrying it while, and dropping it gratefully and without regret, for it is not the absolute, though they cannot say what is. Their life's fine, impossible goal justifies the term "spiritual." Nothing, however, can justify the tern "path" for this bewildered and empty stumbling, this blackened vagabondage - except one thing: They don't quit...

Their feet catch in nets; they untangle them when they notice, and they keep moving. They hope to learn where they came from...but they do notice, if they look, that they have left doubt behind. Decades ago, they left behind doubt about this or that doctrine, abandoning the issues as unimportant. Now, I mean, they have left behind the early doubt that this feckless prospecting in the dark for the unseen is a reasonable way to pass one's life.

Soul-Link Council

Ruth Heine
Charlie Coon
Sheilah Shapiro

Patrick Smith (Registered Agent)
Tom Stella (Director)

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