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Following is a listing of books that many have found helpful for their spiritual growth


CPR for the Soul (image)

Stella, Tom. CPR for the soul (2017)

“The fact that you are not dead is not sufficient proof that you are alive!”

So begins Wood Lake Publishing author Tom Stella’s latest exploration into the life, death, and rebirth of the soul. In CPR for the Soul: Reviving a Sense of the Sacred in Everyday Life, Stella shares the deep, eternal wisdom that knows the lines separating the sacred and the secular, time and eternity, humanity and divinity, are false. Or, at the very least, blurred.

God, by whatever name, is found in the midst of everyday life, work, and relationships. All people, all creation, and all of life is holy ground. The book is divided into thirteen sections, each consisting of an introduction and a brief reflection and meditation.

This book offers a revival for the soul, a reminder that “we are one with something vast” – a “something” that “is not a thing or a person, but a spiritual source and force at the heart of life.”

Available at: Woodlakes or Amazon

Finding God Beyond Religion (image)

Stella, Tom. Finding God Beyond Religion (2013)

"I'm spiritual but not religious" is a phrase no longer voiced by only the young and those who have left the church. It is now a phrase used to describe the spiritual lives of the middle-aged and beyond, as well as those who continue to seek sustenance for their souls within church settings. Whether young or old, church-connected or not, there is a spiritual restlessness among those who seek an authentic faith life but do not find conventional religious teachings meaningful.

This accessible guide to a meaningful spiritual life is a salve for the spiritually anxious and hungry. It reinterprets traditional religious teachings central to the Christian faith: God, Jesus, faith, prayer, morality and more in a way that connects with those who have outgrown the beliefs and devotional practices that once made sense to them. It helps readers find new ways to understand and relate to traditional, narrowly defined Christian "truths" that honor their full spiritual power and scope.

Available at: Amazon or Barnes and Noble or Skylight Paths

A Faith Worth Believing (image)

Stella, Tom. A Faith Worth Believing : Finding New Life Beyond the Rules of Religion (2004)
How can we have an authentic faith when we no longer have "literal" beliefs? Where do we turn to better understand our relationship with God when the simplistic messages of the church fall short?" This is a book for all those who are asking the tough questions and are not satisfied with the answers they are receiving. Using the Baltimore Catechism to structure his exploration, Tom Stella candidly and systematically questions various doctrines of the faith using personal reflections on his religious journey to come to new and more meaningful understandings of traditional truths.

Available at: Amazon or Barnes and Noble


The God Instinct (image)

Stella, Tom; The God Instinct: Heeding Your Heart's Unrest: Sorin Books (2001)
In this simple, elegant, and literate book, Stella shows what can happen when we move from certitude to doubt, from stability to searching. When cherished beliefs, attitudes, and answers come into question. When life experiences seem to tell us that the "right" answers no longer seem so "right." Such a time is an enriching time, a time when life is no longer a matter of going from "question to answer, but from question to question." And like the many, many people Stella has encountered in his work he concludes that "life in all its messiness is a sacred affair."

Available at: Amazon or Barnes and Noble


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